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Vaping to Help You Quit Smoking

It is undeniably true that cigarette smoking comes with lots of health-related challenges. From tooth decay to heart attack, diabetes, eye problems, skin weathering and the most dreaded one – lung cancer. In fact, it is believed that apart from lung cancer, cigarette smoking could also cause cancers of the blood and the cardiovascular system, skin cancer as well as liver cancer.

This is why over the recent past, experts have been looking for the most effective solutions to assist those wishing to quit smoking.

Vaping To Help Cigarette Smoking

One of the most effective solutions recommended for people trying to quit smoking is vaping. Vaping is more or less like smoking, only that the practice does not result in any combustion. Instead, the vape device contains a tank that is filled with a flavored juice known as e-liquid.

Then there is a coil with a wick extending to the tank. When the coil is heated, the heat generated vaporizes the e-liquid into an aerosol. It is this aerosol that is inhaled.

But Why Is Vaping Recommended?

Since vaping does not include any combustion, there is no production of harmful gases such as carbon monoxide. Also, the lack of combustion means there are no particulate matter produced in the process. In the end, a vaper faces fewer risks of developing the health conditions associated with these toxins.  Here is a look at a few more reasons.

Another reason why proponents of vaping prefer it to smoking is the fact that it is easier to regulate the content of nicotine in smoking. Nicotine, as you probably already know, is the substance in cigarette that is responsible for its addictive nature. Incidentally, nicotine is actually far harmless than what most people believe. Indeed, the harmful effects of cigarette largely emanate from the combustion aspect as opposed to the mere presence of nicotine. However, nicotine is an indirect contributor to these harmful effects in that it makes you addicted to cigarette smoking.

Thankfully, most e-liquid manufacturers have always ensured the substance is added to e-juices in mild and negligible amounts. On the contrary, it is almost impossible to regulate the concentration of nicotine in cigarettes.

What Does Studies Suggest?

According to this study, 900 people wishing to quit smoking were rounded up. Half of them were assigned e-cigarettes while the other half was given alternative nicotine-replacement products. In the end, there was remarkable improvement with the group that was assigned e-cigarettes.

The overall verdict was that vaping can significantly cause a cigarette addict to give up the habit. However, the research study also noted a significant percentage of those introduced to e-cigarettes slid back to their smoking habit a year later. This clearly shows that while vaping can help with quitting smoking, but there was a higher percentage of the other group that returned to smoking.

What’s The Verdict?

Can vaping help quit cigarette smoking? Yes, but it is not a permanent solution. If you are not a smoker or a vaper already, the best thing to do is to not start.

If you are already smoking, you could try vaping and see if it works. Just be sure to not vape and smoke at the same time, as you may never realize the difference between the two when you finally decide to vape as an alternative to smoking.

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Choosing the Right e-Liquid for Your Vape

For the individuals who are transitioning from cigarette to vape, the right juice or e-liquid plays a significant role in whether a smoker will choose to stick with it or go back to the traditional cigarette.

Finding the Right e-Liquid

At first, In most cases, some got overwhelmed with the thick clouds, some find the taste as unpleasant, and others just couldn’t handle the throat hit, and if they choose to continue, they usually ended up spending a lot before they find the right e-liquid for them.

To prevent this, understanding the e-liquid ingredients can help you save a few bucks until you find the best e-liquid that would hit your throat perfectly, and bring you the pleasure that is more than what a regular cigarette does.

So what does an e-liquid consists of, and how knowing this will help us find the right e-liquid?

They are Nicotine, Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, and Flavorings. We don’t want you to feel that you are reading a chemistry article, so we’ll make it as simple as possible.

Nicotine Content

Let us start with Nicotine. Although there’s an e-liquid that contains zero nicotine, vaping without it feels like smoking nothing. That’s the reason why some people choose to go back to cigarettes. Going zero nicotine when transitioning from cigarette to vape – especially those who smoke heavily – is not the right way to start. Higher dosage is recommended, and then down to zero eventually.

What Makes the Smoke

VG or vegetable glycerin, to simplify, this is the ingredient responsible for a thicker cloud when vapers burst the vapor’s smoke. So if you are the type who got into vape because of the sensation of playing through thicker clouds, you may consider getting an e-liquid that contains higher VG levels.
Take note, this substance is slightly sweet, and may affect the flavor of the e-liquid.

PG or Propylene Glycol is an ingredient of e-liquid that delivers better throat hit which some vapers prefer. Compare to VG, it is a thinner liquid and does not affect the flavorings ingredient of an e-liquid. That being said, if you prefer a flavorful e-liquid, you may consider one with a higher content of PG than VG.

The Flavor

Finally, last but not least. The Flavorings. We do have different preferences when it comes to taste. Some e-liquid might taste perfect for you but not for others. A quick guide in choosing what’s right for you is to know the three based flavors of an e-liquid. And they are, Minty, fruity and nutty. Mixtures of e-liquid are available, So don’t worry if you want a combination, like minty-fruity e-liquid and etc.

When it comes to vape, you can’t just pick any e-liquid, and expect a pleasurable experience instantly. It may take you trial and error until you find the best juice or e-liquid for you. But hopefully, this article would help. Vape on!

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