Get your nicotine in a healthier way with electronic cigarettes

ecigarette-2Smoking is a bad and unhealthy habit and everyone knows it. Some people are lucky or persistent enough to quit smoking altogether but those who have less willpower or who are simply not ready to quit today face all sorts of difficulties. Tobacco prices have been on a constant rise for decades, smoking bans have been introduced all across the world, and the medical community keeps warming people about serious and dangerous health consequences of this habit. Because of all this, smoking not only frowned upon but it has also become nearly impossible. E-cigarettes seem to solve most of these issues.

Of course that smoking is bad. Even with e-cigarettes, there is still considerable risk for your health. But one of the good things about electronic cigarettes is that they are “smokeless,” meaning they don’t actually burn. They use a nicotine solution and an atomizer that turns it into vapor, which is not smoke, does not smell like smoke and does not have the same effects as smoke. Because of this property of e-cigarettes, they can be enjoyed pretty much anywhere – at your house, office, in a bar, restaurant or cafe, in parks and playgrounds, at the beach… The smoking ban does not apply to e-cigarettes.

In addition to convenience, most people switch to e-cigarettes because they are so much cheaper than regular tobacco cigarettes. The cartridge you use for electronic cigarettes equals from half a pack to one and a half pack of traditional tobacco cigarettes, depending on the manufacturer, while the price is significantly lower. Many brands sell these refill cartridges in a 5- or 10-pack, where the price is even lower. Depending on how much they smoke, some people can save hundreds of dollars a year by switching to electronic cigarettes.

The liquid used for e-cigarettes contains nicotine and a range of flavors to choose from. The nicotine concentration in the solution varies depending on your needs. There are higher concentrations and lower ones and there are even nicotine-free solutions.

ecigarette-1Electronic cigarettes are designed in a way that resembles a regular cigarette, so you don’t feel awkward while smoking them. You can go on puffing them just as if they were traditional tobacco cigarettes. The vapor that is inhaled and exhaled contributes to the illusion but it is not real smoke, which is a very good thing, since there is no risk of second-hand smoke, smelly clothes and hair and air pollution.

With e-cigarettes you will never have to rumble through your pockets or your purse for a lighter or ask a stranger for a match. They do not need fire because they don’t actually burn. The battery inside an e-cigarette, which is easily rechargeable, creates a small spark that puts the atomizer in motion. The atomizer turns the liquid in the cartridge in a fine mist or vapor that you then inhale through the mouthpiece. It is as simple as that.

Cheap, convenient and universally acceptable, it is no wonder that e-cigs are becoming increasingly popular around the globe.

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